Image: © Petra Dirscherl / PIXELIO

Accommodation Service

The average rent for flats in Munich is considerably higher than in other German cities and regions; Munich prices are comparable to what you will find in other European or international metropoles such as Milan, Paris or Zurich, for example. Similar rates also apply for Garching or Freising. Rates will only begin to get cheaper once you reach the outskirts of the city that are not easily reached by local public transport services.

You are an international PhD student, Postdoc or Guest Professor and do research at the Campus in Weihenstephan?

At the Campus in Weihenstephan an extra accommodation service is offered. For more information and a contact person, please click here.  

You are an international student? Information concerning room or flat hunting can be found here.

Important information in advance:

Do not transfer any security deposit for accomodation before you have signed a contract or viewed the apartment/room. If you are unsure whether it is safe to transfer money, you should contact us before proceeding. Please be particularly cautious when asked to transfer money to a foreign country (not Germany).