Accommodation Service

The Accommodation Service offers international postdocs, guest professors and guest researchers support in finding suitable housing in Munich and Garching. Please register on our portal for TUM staff and researchers to get more information.

Munich is an attractive location and therefore accommodation is hard to find. (Picture: Oliver Raupach / Fotolia)
Munich is an attractive location and therefore accommodation is hard to find. (Picture: Oliver Raupach / Fotolia)

Important notes for your house hunting

  • Low availability and high rents: The demand for living space in Munich and surroundings is higher than the supply and looking for an apartment often is difficult and time-consuming. In addition, the rents in Munich are well above the German average and on the level of other European large cities.
  • Family and school: If you intend to bring your family to Munich, we advise you to start with the search for an apartment as early as possible. Often the issue of education is closely linked to your exact place of residence within Munich and therefore the location of your accommodation is restricted to certain areas.
  • Alternatives for singles: As an alternative to renting a whole apartment, singles also have the option to only rent a furnished room at a flatshare (Wohngemeinschaft or WG). Usually you then have your own private room and share the bathroom and kitchen with all other flatmates.
  • Arrival during Oktoberfest: It is practically impossible to find a hostel/hotel room or room at a guesthouse during Oktoberfest (mid-September till beginning of October). Please be aware that rooms are rented out for this time of the year well in advance.


Do not transfer any security deposit for accomodation before you have signed a contract or viewed the apartment/room. Please be particularly cautious when asked to transfer money to a foreign country (outside of Germany). If you are in doubt whether the request is trustworthy, please feel free to contact us, before you proceed.

You are an international PhD, postdoc or guest professor who is working at Weihenstephan? Please contact the Accommodation Service at Weihenstephan.

You are an international student? Then you will find useful information on house hunting at the pages of TUM regarding accommodation.